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What happened to customer service?

October 26th, 2010 10:06 PM by Wendy Thomas

A lot of times, I feel like there is no such thing as good customer service any more. I went to a department store last week to return some shoes. The lady working there ignored me for 5 minutes or more, walking around asking others if she could help them; I guess she saw that I wasn't buying anything new.  When she finally helped me, she didn't say two words to me-- she continued to tell another buyer how cute the shoes were that she was buying.  Handed me my return slip to sign, never spoke.  Horrible. 

Today, I went through a drive thru to get a sweet tea, and the person working there had NO personality.  Granted, I'm sure that's not a requirement of the job, but I'm also sure that being rude is not encouraged either.  What happened to people going over and above what is expected of them?  I found a quote that I love--  "Customers don't expect  you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix it when something goes wrong".  That is absolutely true!!! If I'm dining in your restaurant, and something is brought out wrong, just fix it.  Apologize, make it better.  No problem.  But many people aren't trained in giving good customer service or going above and beyond. 

I wasn't using this blog today to promote myself, but in my business, it's all about going above and beyond, and there are all KINDS of problems that arise;  no problem, I just work towards getting them corrected.  There is always someone out there just waiting for me (or any other service provider) to screw up, so that they can take advantage of the situation.  This is true, again, in any service industry. There are too many people without jobs right now that could use the money and would gladly work, whether selling shoes or hamburgers, with a smile on their face, making others' days brighter.  So for those people out there who do just enough to get by with your job, go above and beyond. Surprise others and yourself with the level of service that you can provide.  Make them want to come back, and of course, want to tell others.  We've all got to do better.

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Posted by Wendy Thomas on October 26th, 2010 10:06 PM


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