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October 2nd, 2011 8:42 PM by Wendy Thomas

When I was 21, I became a Realtor. At that point, I had no idea that it would be the lifetime career that I know and love now.  But by that point in my short life, I had already graduated Winthrop with a 4 year degree in 2 ½ years, and I married my high school sweetheart at 20.  Why so early for both? That’s what was important to me.  I took cosmetology, as well as honors classes, while in high school because I thought I wanted to own a spa when I got out of college.  I got my cosmetology license and while I did work in a salon to make my spending money while in college, I eventually decided that wasn’t what I wanted to do.  But I also took college classes at our local technical college, because again, that’s what was important to me at the time.  I started college with 40 college credit hours due to that dedication.

Fast forward a few years… I went back to Winthrop and earned my Master degree in Business Administration before my husband and I had children. By this time, I was already in real estate, but I’m a firm believer in education and knew it wouldn’t hurt to have that degree.  When we started having children, we worked around our schedules so that our children were never in day care. They did go to preschool 2 or 3 days a week, 3 hours a day, but that was moreso for their social interaction with others and our sanity!  But from day one of being a mom, that was important to me, as well as Mac.

Present day…  I am still in real estate, for better or worse, and have worked through the absolute best of markets, as well as the bottomed out worst.  Still here. What’s important to me now? I love what I do.  I love making buyers and seller happy and helping them achieve their goals.  I love being a “trusted source” for many, and being someone that people know to call when they have real estate questions.  My family is, of course, very much important to me—their health, happiness, and safety.  We’ve had a couple of trials this year, and we’ve come through them stronger than ever and knowing now that we can handle them.  I’ve also had the difficult job of being with a best friend as she and her husband found out that their 9 year old had ovarian cancer in June.  What a way to make you realize what is important in life! My priorities have never been clearer after this experience over the last several months with our friends.

So what’s important to you? Is it getting that next pay raise at work? Is it being with your grandmother as she ages and needs your help? No matter what your goals or feelings are, make sure that you have those people who you can count on, in good times and in bad, to help get you through.  Be the best at everything that you do, whether it’s in school, work, or relationships, and good things will come.

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Posted by Wendy Thomas on October 2nd, 2011 8:42 PM


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