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August 19th, 2011 10:51 PM by Wendy Thomas

How many of you have an account on Twitter?  What about Facebook? I am an avid "Facebooker"; it works so well for me, because I feel like I'm able to connect with all of the "seasons" of my life-- high school friends, college friends, family, Cheraw friends, and of course, Rock Hill friends and colleagues. Even people I met at camps, etc when I was younger and friends who moved away early in lives have found me or I've found them.  Just an easy way to stay in touch and see what's going on with them, and share what's going on with me. 

Twitter is a different story. I think it's an amazing idea.  I don't do it on a regular basis, though. I should.  I'm sure it's easier to post the same things on Facebook and Twitter, but truthfully I despise seeing updates from some who consistently do both. is another that I don't keep up with as I should, although it's updated by Twitter.  But I try to follow people on Twitter that provide amazing information on a regular basis, to the point that there is NO way I could absorb every bit of it.  What I am able to take in, though, keeps me on top of what's going on locally and around the nation in the real estate world so that I can pass it on to you.

What are your thoughts on Twitter? I consider Facebook a true social media, for social reasons, but I do use my Facebook Fan Page for work, of course.  But do you tweet? Who do you follow on Twitter-- people who are there for fun and entertainment, or those who are there for educational value? 

I'm a work in progress on Twitter, but just wanted to throw out my opinion and see what you think...

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Posted by Wendy Thomas on August 19th, 2011 10:51 PM


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