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Is your agent looking out for your interests-- while on vacation??

July 26th, 2014 7:43 PM by Wendy Thomas

I am the first one to say, if I can go on a vacation, I'm there! I LOVE to travel-- love to spend time with my hubby and my kids.  And I can promise you, when I'm gone, except for about 1 week a year, my sellers could not even know I'm gone, because I take my computer and I WORK WHILE GONE.  More and more, though, that's seeming like a foreign concept for other agents. 

I think it's perfectly fine and acceptable to go on vacation and leave work at home-- don't get me wrong.  But the ONLY way for a good agent to do that is to have a back up agent or assistant covering his or her business while they're gone.  However, more and more, I see agents leaving town, leaving paperwork unsigned and my sellers totally wondering if buyers are moving forward or walking away, and these agents just leave it behind until they return.  Right now I'm working with TWO such agents.  It's impossible.  It's very hard to work on repairs for a buyer when the buyer won't sign off on the repair estimate-- because their agent is out of town and has no one covering. 

What is all of this about? When you hire an agent, ask them how they handle their business when they're not available.  Ask them if they have an assistant or a buyer's agent, or a coworker who they work well with.  Period.  Are you a buyer? What if that perfect house comes on the market while you're gone but your agent says, "I'll show it to you as soon as I get back." ? In this market, that house will be pending in 3 or 4 days-- and you'll have missed it. 

Make sure your agent will meet your needs. Make sure you  know how accessible your agent will be.  Lack of accessibility is annoying, difficult, and will make you as a buyer or seller lose out on possibilities.  I actually had some surgery this summer--for once, no vacations (yet).... I have an AMAZING new assistant/buyer's agent, and she had everything completely covered while I was out.  Period.  No one has missed anything, at all, because of my absence. 

Can you tell this is a sensitive subject right now?  :)  It's so difficult for agents who work hard to depend on those who don't.  So choose wisely.  Whoever you choose to work for you and represent your best interests needs to be someone who can get the job done, whether they're sitting on a beach for a week or two, or in front of you.  Just saying. 

Happy buying and selling!
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Posted by Wendy Thomas on July 26th, 2014 7:43 PM


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