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Funny thing about my job...

January 13th, 2011 4:46 PM by Wendy Thomas

I've heard many Realtors say that they could write a book, with all of the crazy things that have happened to them.  I feel the same way.  Some people have some crazy requirements or requests, but truth be told, the client is the one buying the house, so why shouldn't they have exactly what they want??  I thought it would be funny to write about a few of these....

I had one client who was buying in a more expensive price range. While the wife was concerned with the details of the house, the husband would walk in the front door, and go straight to the downstairs half bath, in every house, and turn on the vent in the bathroom to see how loud it was.  ;)  He would then proceed to do the same as we approached each bathroom in the house.  He must have had some traumatic experience at some point... don't know.  But it made for a fun day together.

Every client has a room or two that is the most important to them. Usually, that room is the kitchen, or the master bedroom, or master bath.  Not this client;  I had one client who found several houses that were absolutely perfect for her family. The only problem in each of them was that the laundry room was just not what she needed.  Not large enough, or not laid out well enough, etc.  Again, you should have what you want and need in a house.  This was just a first for me, for the laundry room to be a decision-maker.

Shortly after I first started in real estate, I had buyers who were in town for their first trip to look around.  They chose several houses to take a look at.  As we walked into the first house, they didn't like the entry way, the layout, or pretty much anything about it.  Instead of walking out and moving on to the next house, though, they decided to go ahead and measure each and every room.. What should have been a 5 minute appointment, since they didn't like the house from the start, became a 45 minute one.  This was repeated at every house we went to that day. 

Every Realtor has a story, I'm sure, about walking in on someone who was sleeping, etc.  I am always very careful to ring the doorbell, and when I open the door, I yell "hello?" several times, as to never surprise a seller.  This time, no one responded, so we proceeded to walk into the house.  We looked around the downstairs for several minutes, and as we started to go upstairs, we hear something, and realize the seller is asleep, pretty much undressed, on the sofa!  He was startled at that point, as were we, and we quickly apologized and left... We didn't return to that house.  :)

I've got a ton of stories, with over 13 years in real estate. Part II to come soon! :)

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Posted by Wendy Thomas on January 13th, 2011 4:46 PM


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